Our Impact

Environmental Impact

We do water treatment system on the coffee washing station and use dry coffee cherries as organic manure to maintain the quality of our coffee at the same preserving the environment. We collect plastic bags and Sensibilizes citizens in the community to do the same. Besides, we separate decomposing and non-composing manure in holes. As a cooperative, we have planted forests to prevent soil erosion. We Sensibilized farmers to plant trees within their gardens, mulching and other activities that help the growth of coffee.

Social Impact

At Cocagi, we have different funding programs targeting members, employees, youth, and the community. On the side of members, we have an education fund which disburses education loans to members’ families disabused at 0% interest. Furthermore, every cooperative member benefited from Girinka project of 2013. Four new family houses loans of Rwf 6.8 Million were disbursed to the cooperative members from high-risk zones to the safe village. We provided health insurance to cooperative members for at least two people per family. To enhance their skills, we provided training such as how to prepare small projects that bring profit, family planning, and ways of accessing loans. On the side of the youth, we are starting an Association with all its organizational structure and is to be financed by the cooperative for the youth for involving in coffee farming. For the staff, we have an Employees’ Fund to support cooperative’s employees at a 0% rate. For our community, we contributed to construction Feeder roads from Rebero to Butambamo worth Rwf 6 Million and funded about Rwf19.6 million to distribute electricity to the cooperative members.

Our Achievements

As a cooperative, we have helped each member to get out of the high-risk zone of poverty, created a saving fund for our employees and hire people every season in the community of which 95% of them are women. The cooperative has reached a capacity of producing 5 containers of green coffee and managed to obtain the 15th position in the cup of excellence of 2015 in Rwanda. We are happy to say that we have founded COCAGI FAMME fund where 30 women were grouped in associations and are funded on various development projects.

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