28 / 1,114

Women members

1200/1400 mm

Precipitation range


Coffee trees

20° / 30° Celsius

Temperature range

1600 m



Cupping Scores

Certified under

Our Product

  • Full washed Arabica bourbon- Majority A1 & A2
  • Green tea, melon, pear
  • Cupping Scores:>85%- specialty coffee sold internationally
  • Arabica represents 59% of the world’s coffee production
  • Coffee cup notes;
  • Aroma/flavor: Orange, floral, lime blossom, lemon, peach, key lime pie, caramel, brown sugar, tangerine, lemon custard, grapefruit, candied apples
  • Taste: Citric, brilliant, zingy, soft malic

Our Process

Guarantying best Graded Arabica Bourbon coffees COCAGI places a high value on each individual’s contribution to the coffee that it supplies to the world of coffee consumers. Its central washing station collects and processes cherries from members through wet mill process. Before processing starts, cherries are carefully selected to remove defected cherries, pulped, washed from natural spring water from the mountains, and dried for some time. Not only that, we have effective quality control measures in each and every step of the value chain from coffee farms, to coffee export and to the cup (tasting). Our coffee combine the body, flavor and aroma that coffee drinkers would wish to taste.

Our Stories



I am the president at COCAGI. Before I joined COCOGI cooperative, I wasn’t able to efficiently grind and wash my coffee which reduced my profit per harvest. Joining COCAGI has been the best achievement for me as a coffee farmer, I’ve learned how to grind and wash my own coffee and that has increased my harvest from 200 to 900 plants of coffee. With this increase in harvest, I have become financially stable enough to build my own house and a trading center for my coffee. I have also been able to pay school fees for five people in my family, and brought clean water and electricity to my home. I have gained tremendous managerial skills like policies required to run a cooperative and rules of fare trade.

DUHIRWE Anne Marie

Coffee farmer

A farmer in COCAGI cooperative. I joined the coffee industry in 2000 with 160 plants of coffee. Today my plants have increased up to 450 plants since joining COCAGI. Being part of this cooperative has given me access to medical insurance for me and my family. I have also used my salary to put my children in school, build my own house, and brought clean water in my house. COCAGI has helped me evolve both as a farmer and an environmentally conscious individual, for example, I only use solar energy for electricity.



I am the agronomist of our factory and one of the leaders of COCAGI. I joined COCAGI in 2014, and since then I’ve been trained in international marketing policies. I’m happy to see the cooperative grow in Rwanda on the international level.



I am the manager of this cooperative, and I Joined COCAGI in 1998. My father was very passionate about coffee, and transferred that passion to me. He gave me 140 trees of coffee and helped me buy shares in the COCAGI cooperative. Since I became a manager at COCAGI in 2007, I’ve been trained as an outstanding accountant and have contributed to the financial success of our cooperative.

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